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Meet The Deans

The dean and associate deans of Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education are dedicated, experienced faculty members who are committed to ensuring educational excellence in all Mayo Clinic residency and fellowship programs. These individuals are readily accessible to you throughout your training.

  1. Boes, Christopher J., M.D.
    • Associate Dean, Medical & Laboratory Specialties
    • Rochester, Minnesota, campus
  2. Capobianco, David J., M.D.
    • Associate Dean
    • Jacksonville, Florida, campus
  3. Dozois, Eric J., M.D.
    • Associate Dean, Surgery & Surgery Specialties
    • Rochester, Minnesota, campus
  4. Mikhael, Joseph R., M.D.
    • Associate Dean
    • Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, campus
  5. Pardi, Darrell S., M.D.
    • Associate Dean, Medicine-Pediatrics
    • Rochester, Minnesota, campus
  6. Rose, Steven H., M.D.
    • Dean & Designated Institutional Official
    • Rochester, Minnesota, campus