• Comprehensive clinical experience

    At Mayo Clinic, you gain experience evaluating and treating patients with the full spectrum of diseases within your specialty, from the rare conditions to the more common cases.

  • Join our tradition of excellence

    When you choose a residency or fellowship at Mayo Clinic, you become part of the oldest and largest medical training program in the nation, with more than 1,500 active residents and fellows in 271 programs.

  • Extensive research opportunities

    Mayo Clinic trainees can participate in a wide range of basic, translational and clinical research projects in state-of-the-art facilities. Most residencies and fellowships include dedicated research time.

  • A true team approach to patient care

    "Team approach" is not just a saying at Mayo Clinic — it's a way of practicing medicine and caring for patients every day. You work with physicians and other staff across disciplines to provide high-quality care.

Why train at Mayo Clinic?

Working directly with world-renowned experts and having access to outstanding clinical, research and education resources are just some of the reasons why Mayo Clinic provides outstanding training for residents and fellows. Find out more.

Residencies and fellowships

Explore more than 270 residency and fellowship training programs available at Mayo Clinic.

Stipend and benefits

Mayo Clinic provides competitive stipends and health care benefits along with access to financial aid and financial counseling for all residents and fellows.

Admissions and application process

Learn about the admissions and application process for residencies and fellowships at Mayo Clinic.


Discover how our world-renowned faculty members provide direct mentoring to every resident and fellow who trains at Mayo Clinic.

Research at Mayo Clinic

With an annual research budget of more than $625 million, Mayo Clinic is a leading academic research and medical institution, offering trainees the opportunity to work on a wide range of basic, translational and clinical research projects in state-of-the-art facilities.

Enhance your training

Broaden your training experience by participating in basic and translational research or working in an underserved community.

Support throughout your training

Mayo Clinic supports you through every step of your training by providing programs to aid your transition into training, help you connect with other trainees and the community, and receive financial counseling and career planning assistance as you prepare to complete your training and embark on your career.

Ongoing professional development

Explore the broad range of career development activities available throughout your residency or fellowship.


Mayo Clinic has a commitment to providing education opportunities and promoting cultural awareness to a diverse population of learners.

More about Mayo Clinic

Learn more about Mayo Clinic and our premier clinical practice: