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Why Mayo Medical School?

Photo of Mayo Medical School students in the Multidisciplinary Simulation Center

Once you've decided to take responsibility for patients' health and well-being, deciding which medical school helps you achieve your goal is extremely important. Mayo Medical School is distinguished in all areas of medical teaching, including:

  • Visionary medical school curriculum. Mayo Medical School offers a state-of-the-art curriculum immediately applicable to pre-eminent patient care, biomedical research and scholarly academic medicine. The curriculum is best tailored to prepare students for the challenges of 21st-century patient care.
  • Selectives. An exclusive component offered to our first- and second-year students, a selective is a short, flexible enrichment experience of a student's choosing that is interspersed between course blocks. Selectives expand subject offerings, encourage self-directed learning and renew curiosity while complementing the major themes of the curriculum.
  • Small class sizes. Small class sizes and high faculty-to-student ratios are hallmarks of Mayo Medical School that foster effective learning and lifelong professional and personal relationships.
  • World-class faculty. Mayo Clinic's physician faculty members are passionate about teaching, educating a new generation of health care leaders and supporting the lifelong success of their students.
  • Diverse medical practice exposure. Mayo Medical School students study advanced medical practices, which include a broad diversity of patients and diseases.
  • Leaders in scientific disciplines and technologies. Mayo Medical School enables students to work in the most current and comprehensive scientific disciplines and technologies.
  • Generous financial aid. Mayo Medical School's financial aid program makes obtaining the finest medical education affordable for all qualified candidates.

Student success

  • Residency matching. 98 percent of fourth-year Mayo Medical School students report matching with one of their top residency choices.
  • Publications. 80 percent of students — more than twice the national average — publish research manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

As a Mayo medical student, you are a respected member of a world-class health care team and will obtain the skills necessary to become a successful, fulfilled healer and health advocate as evidenced by the success of our students.

  • Feb 19, 2014
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