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Dean's Message

Sherine E. Gabriel, M.D.

Mayo Medical School is unique. Built upon the distinctive health care environment at Mayo Clinic, it offers a patient-centered collaborative learning experience, driven by the primary value, "The needs of the patient come first."

Our vision in a rapidly changing era of health care reform is to educate physician leaders in patient-centered, science-driven, team-based, high-value health care. A highly selective admissions process, interprofessional team learning and a student-centered, flexible, innovative curriculum make our graduates highly sought after by residency directors.

Dr. Charles H. Mayo once said "There are two objects of medical education: To heal the sick, and to advance the science." Mayo Medical School curriculum leverages innovative scientific capabilities, expertise and resources to provide medical education focused on preparing physicians for the medicine of tomorrow. The school provides diverse learning opportunities in a variety of clinical settings across the country. Our students have access to exceptional experiential learning facilities, including a state-of-the-art Multidisciplinary Simulation Center and procedural and microsurgical laboratories.

Mayo Medical School leverages the rich scientific and clinical resources of Mayo to offer students a deep range of educational opportunities, including the Center for Translational Science Activities, Program in Professionalism and Ethics, Center for Innovation, and specialized centers that combine resources of research and practice.

The nontraditional, flexible curriculum offers students the opportunity to pursue dual degrees in several disciplines, including J.D. and masters degrees in business administration, biomedical engineering, mass communications, health care administration and other approved fields of study. Eighteen weeks of "selectives" offer students self-directed opportunities to explore a wide diversity of career pathways.

The faculty-to-student ratio of 13.2-to-1 is more than five times the national average of 2.5-to-1. With one of the smallest class sizes, thorough preparation for residency and a historic student debt load less than half the national average, Mayo Medical School offers an unparalleled learning experience in an integrated group practice.

Mayo Medical School has a 40-year history of incredible success. The future model of medical education will prepare the next generation of physician leaders to improve health care delivery for the 21st century. Plans include a branch campus in Scottsdale, Ariz., in collaboration with Arizona State University. This expansion enhances and expands our ability to reach more future physician leaders and, in turn, more patients.

Please consider joining us.

  • Sherine E. Gabriel, M.D., M.Sc.
    • Dean, Mayo Medical School
    • William J. and Charles H. Mayo Professor
    • Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine, College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic
  • Jan 30, 2013
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