• Clinical experiences from week one

    From the first week, Mayo Medical School students work alongside Mayo physicians in the clinical setting. Immediate immersion with Mayo Clinic's 1,165,000 annual patients is a hallmark of the curriculum.

  • High faculty-to-student ratio

    Mayo Medical School's 13-1 faculty-to-student ratio means highly individualized instruction and supervision. Faculty include Mayo physicians, scientists, educators and allied health professionals.

  • Block curriculum design

    Mayo Medical School's curriculum is organized into blocks. Students study one topic at a time for three to seven weeks through didactic sessions, clinical experiences and time in Mayo's simulation center.

  • Prepared for the future

    Among Mayo Medical School students, 98 percent match with a top residency choice, and 80 percent — more than twice the national average — publish research manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

Why choose Mayo Medical School?

As a Mayo Medical School student, you learn from world experts and hone your skills at one of the world's largest, most respected medical centers. Find out more.

Admissions and application process

The M.D. program at Mayo Medical School accepts 46 students each year out of more than 4,500 applicants.


Mayo Clinic's physician faculty members are passionate about teaching, educating a new generation of health care leaders and supporting the lifelong success of their students.

Tuition and financial aid

Mayo Medical School's financial aid program makes obtaining the finest medical education affordable for all qualified candidates. 2014-2015 tuition for M.D. students is $47,470.


The Mayo Medical School curriculum integrates labs and lectures with active, experiential learning to prepare students for the complex challenges of 21st-century medicine. The curriculum is organized into a series of blocks, separated by short, self-directed selectives.


Selectives, a unique feature of the Mayo Medical School curriculum, are dedicated one- to two-week periods between subject blocks. They are student-directed and allow for career exploration or specialty enrichment experiences, such as time in a research lab or community service.

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Compassion, service and leadership: Mayo Model of Education in action

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