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Director's Message

The track in Clinical and Translational Science combines the clinical and scientific resources of Mayo Clinic, where more than half a million patients are treated each year and more than 3000 faculty work to improve health. The program provides a breadth of didactic coursework to help you understand how fundamental research is translated to health care — how science moves from bench to bedside to community. Research rotations provide a hands-on experience of the different types of laboratory-based, patient-based and population-based translational research taking place at Mayo Clinic. You will then develop an interdisciplinary research project in the laboratory, the clinical research center or in the field of health science research that will lead to publications that provide new biomedical knowledge. After completion of the degree, you will be prepared to carry out research; but more importantly, to change the paradigms of how we conduct biomedical research so it improves human health.

Anthony J. Windebank, M.D.
Professor and Director
Clinical and Translational Science Program

  • Nov 12, 2014
  • ART739884