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Why Choose Mayo Clinic?

There are many outstanding M.D.-Ph.D. programs from which to choose, so why should you select Mayo Clinic? Finding the right fit between student and program is vital. Look closely at Mayo and you will find a program that is comprehensive, collaborative and cutting edge.

The mission of the Medical Scientist Training Program is to prepare medical scientists who can bridge the discovery of new scientific knowledge with its application to clinical problems. To achieve this, students must acquire in-depth research and clinical skills, not focus on one at the expense of the other. Mayo's program is designed to achieve that outcome.

Learning to connect basic science with clinical problems requires that you develop the ability to work collaboratively with scientists and clinicians. As an M.D.-Ph.D., you are ideally positioned to serve as translator and facilitator, bridging the expertise and knowledge of faculty. Many M.D.-Ph.D. scientists rise to leadership positions in clinical departments. This requires keen collaborative skills. Mayo Clinic is built on a sense of collaboration that permeates all aspects of its research, clinical and educational enterprise.

Cutting Edge
Modern research also requires access to cutting-edge technology and research support services. As described in the Research Resources section of the Web site, Mayo Clinic provides exceptional research assets. The Research Core Facilities provide students with access to all of the high technology needed. The collaboration and sharing of resources among labs, in essence, provides access to every lab in the institution. Only your imagination and the time you dedicate will limit what you achieve at Mayo Clinic.

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