• Photo of a Mayo graduate student and mentor

    Exceptional faculty

    At Mayo Graduate School, our Ph.D. and M.D.-Ph.D. candidates have access to more than 200 faculty members, providing opportunities for close collaboration with internationally recognized researchers.

  • Photo of a Mayo graduate student and mentor

    Nationally competitive Ph.D. completion time

    Mayo Graduate School faculty and mentors are committed to ensuring that students excel at their graduate studies — our students complete the Ph.D. degree in an average of 5.25 years.

  • Photo of a Mayo graduate student and mentor

    Guaranteed funding

    All Mayo Graduate School students are awarded guaranteed five-year internal fellowships with full tuition, stipend and benefits, making them "free agents" in selecting a mentor and laboratory.

  • Photo of a Mayo graduate student and mentor

    Mayo Clinic resources

    Mayo Graduate School is embedded within Mayo Clinic, meaning students work on a wide range of research projects in state-of-the-art facilities and access data from more than 6 million patient histories.

Why choose Mayo Graduate School for biomedical research training?

Mayo Graduate School offers a unique, guaranteed funding model, elite faculty committed to each student's success and access to outstanding research training embedded within a premier medical center. Find out more.

Tuition, stipends and benefits

Discover our unique fellowship funding model — guaranteed funding and no teaching requirements.

Research at Mayo Clinic

With an annual research budget of more than $625 million, Mayo Clinic is a leading academic research and medical institution, offering students the opportunity to work on a wide range of fundamental and translational biomedical research projects in state-of-the-art research facilities.


Mayo Graduate School is proud of its decades-long national recognition as a center of excellence in the training of a diverse biomedical research workforce. These successes involve four activities recognized by three long-standing competitive training awards from the National Institutes of Health.

Application process

Learn about application requirements, processes and timelines for our programs.

Campus life

Explore life outside the classroom at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona.


Read about Mayo Graduate School's mission, policies, academic calendar, program requirements and course listings.


More than 200 investigators in seven academic tracks are actively seeking to mentor graduate students each year.

Meet our students

Learn about our students — who they are, why they selected Mayo Graduate School and their experiences as learners in a leading biomedical research training program.

Diversity in Education student blog

Our students share their experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, as they journey through their biomedical research training.

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