Letters of Recommendation

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine does not request letters of recommendation from all M.D. Program applicants. If your application is selected for final review, you will be notified via email if the school requires letters of recommendation from you. You may submit your letters at any time to expedite processing during final review. However, letters will only be reviewed by the committee during the final review process when it is determined which applicants will be invited for on-campus interviews.

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine only accepts recommendation letters submitted through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) Letter Service. Letters sent directly to the school are not accepted. Applicants are encouraged to visit the letters of evaluation page on the AMCAS website for more information. To ensure efficient processing of your letters by AMCAS, carefully follow all instructions.

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine requires three valid letters of recommendation or a composite letter from a premedical committee. A letter is considered valid only if it is on official letterhead and contains the handwritten signature of the letter writer. Only valid letters will be considered by the Admissions Committee in the review process.

Your recommendations should be written by people who know you well and whose opinions have bearing on the likelihood of your success in medical school. At least one of the recommendations should be from a member of the science faculty. A letter from a teaching assistant is acceptable. A maximum of 10 letters will be accepted.

The review of your application file will continue upon receipt and validation of all your letters of recommendation. You will be notified via email when a change is made to your application status. It is important to keep all contact information current with AMCAS.

The deadline for receipt of letters of recommendation is Nov. 15, and no extensions will be given. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine operates on a rolling admissions policy, so it is advantageous to submit your letters of recommendation as soon as possible. Remember, you are welcome to submit your letters of recommendation at any point through AMCAS, though Mayo Clinic School of Medicine will not review them until a formal request has been made inviting you to send your letters.

Invitations to attend on-campus interviews will be sent beginning in August, with interviews completed by mid-December.

Nov. 09, 2015