Why Mayo Clinic School of Medicine?

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine's bold new advances in medical education and its dynamic, personalized learning environment set you and your education apart from any other medical student in the nation.

A national school for diverse learning opportunities

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine is expanding to allow students to train at three very unique campuses in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona.

Students can choose:

  • A four-year program in Rochester, Minnesota, with core clerkships and senior electives on all three campuses of our national medical school
  • Beginning in 2017, a four-year program in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

In addition, Mayo Clinic has more than 70 smaller regional practices in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Georgia, as well as affiliations with other health care organizations near all our campuses for clinical opportunities.

Students acquire educational experiences across a broad spectrum of patient and health populations in multiple practice settings. We have more than your usual medical school to offer!

A bold new direction in medical education

Visionary medical school curriculum

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine offers a unique curriculum to ensure future physician leaders are trained in patient care and biomedical research, as well as in the science of health care delivery and student and physician wellness, to meet the challenges of the nation's evolving health care system.

Medical degree and certificate program in one

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine students will be the first in the nation to receive a certificate in the science of health care delivery along with their medical degree through innovative coursework, jointly developed with Arizona State University (ASU), integrated throughout the four-year curriculum.

Students also have the personal option of completing a master's degree in the science of health care delivery through ASU if they choose.

State-of-the-art online courses and blended learning

Students have access to the latest technology and many online courses developed by renowned faculty experts in their fields. Using blended learning, students personalize and self-pace their learning and review of online course content prior to face-to-face classroom interactions with faculty and peers.

Leaders in scientific disciplines and technologies

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine's close connection to Mayo Clinic enables students to work in the most current and comprehensive scientific disciplines and technologies, including genomics, individualized medicine, regenerative medicine, bioinformatics and more.


As an exclusive component offered to our first- and second-year students, selectives are designated weeks interspersed between course blocks for self-directed enrichment experiences.

Whether you're shadowing a physician in a care specialty, doing lab research with a renowned scientist, attending a world conference or traveling to provide care to underserved populations, your selectives complement your studies and expand your understanding of health care.

A supportive environment to help you succeed

Small class sizes

Small class sizes and high faculty-to-student ratios are hallmarks of Mayo Clinic School of Medicine that foster effective learning and lifelong professional relationships.

World-class faculty

Mayo Clinic's physician faculty members are passionate about teaching, educating a new generation of health care leaders and supporting the lifelong success of their students.

Sense of community

Unlike large medical schools, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine invests in you as an individual with extraordinary mentorship opportunities tailored to help you succeed. You are paired with a physician career adviser and peer mentor, have access to one-on-one concierge counseling, and are provided with a mentorship family for a truly remarkable and supportive educational experience.

Team approach to patient care

As a Mayo medical student, you are a respected member of a world-class health care team and obtain the skills necessary to become a successful, fulfilled healer and health advocate.

A proven leader in medical training

Scholarly activity

About 80 percent of Mayo medical students — more than twice the national average — successfully publish research manuscripts in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

Residency matching

Although the national trend for medical students matching to residency programs is declining, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine students consistently match to residencies and chosen specialties, with 98 percent of our fourth-year students reporting a match to one of their top three residency choices.

Less student debt

In 2015, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the 10 most affordable private medical schools in the country. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine's scholarships and financial aid program make obtaining the finest medical education affordable for qualified candidates.

Jan. 14, 2016