Dean's Message

It is an exciting time for our medical students. They are enrolled in Mayo Clinic School of Medicine at a transformative time in our school's history.

They will be the first students to not only receive the outstanding, integrated clinical and research training that Mayo Clinic School of Medicine is known to provide, but they will also acquire the skills to be leaders in an ever-changing and challenging health care environment.

After completing this comprehensive, dynamic education, our students will stand out with residency directors and be better prepared for a successful career in medicine.

So what is unique about the medical training our students are receiving?

Outstanding patient care training

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine students have always received unprecedented training in patient-centered care.

Early in their training, students become a part of the integrated, multidisciplinary teams that provide high-quality care to our patients every day. Clinicians, who are leaders in their field, mentor students and help them develop the collaborative skills they need to be a valuable team member and work with other providers to deliver the best patient care.

In addition, students participate in selectives — student-selected rotations — to explore scientific and medical opportunities with Mayo Clinic's leading clinical experts and renowned researchers. This innovative, flexible curriculum enables our students to expand their experience beyond the basic medical education.

Our expansion to include opportunities at three medical school campuses will further enhance our students' learning opportunities by providing them with the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of patient and health populations in multiple practice settings.

Students can select from these options for their medical training:

  • Attending a four-year program on our campus in Rochester, Minnesota, with core clerkships and senior electives on all three campuses of our national medical school — Minnesota, Arizona and Florida
  • Beginning in 2017, enrolling in a four-year program on our campus in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

In addition, students can gain clinical experience within Mayo Clinic Health System, which has more than 70 smaller regional practices in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Georgia, as well as in other Mayo Clinic-affiliated health care organizations near all our campuses.

Learning the science of health care delivery

We recognize that our students will begin their careers as physicians in a challenging health care system that continues to see dramatic environmental and cultural shifts. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine recognizes that we need to lead the charge by providing advances in how the future generations of physicians are educated — to both understand and transform health care.

We are proud to be partnering with the American Medical Association (AMA) and 10 other medical schools to pioneer a curriculum that will provide our students with the skills they need to lead and practice in this new landscape.

Through our collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU), Mayo Clinic School of Medicine has created an innovative curriculum, called the Science of Health Care Delivery, where our medical students will receive education in areas that have traditionally not been taught in detail in medical school.

The curriculum explores important topics such as high-value care, which includes evidence-based medicine, quality and process improvement, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. The curriculum also addresses population-centered care, including health disparities, patient-centered care, leadership development, health economics, health policy and bioinformatics.

Our students will be among the first to have a foundation in all aspects of health care and earn a certificate in the Science of Health Care Delivery upon graduation. Students can also choose to explore this field further and earn a master's degree in the Science of Health Care Delivery through ASU.

Health and wellness

At Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, we want our students not only to survive during their training and careers but also to THRIVE. We have developed tools and curriculum to assess and enhance every student's well-being and long-term resiliency.

THRIVE, our wellness program, provides students with physical, academic and social support throughout their training. In addition, students learn essential tools to help them manage their wellness throughout their careers and lifetime.

We invite you to consider Mayo Clinic School of Medicine for your medical training. Our innovative, one-of-a-kind training experience will provide you with the skills needed to meet whatever challenges you may face in the ever-changing health care environment.

  1. Michele Y. Halyard, M.D.
    1. Interim Dean, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
Jan. 14, 2016