Student Services

Student Services

Career Center
Career resources are available to you through Enrollment and Student Services (ESS). The following advisory services are offered to all MSHS students:

  • Job search strategies
  • Resume writing
  • Cover letters and other career correspondence
  • Interview techniques
  • Deciding on a job offer and negotiating salaries

For more information or an appointment, please call the Career Center at 507-284-3678.

Upon completing their education programs, many MSHS students find jobs at a Mayo Clinic practice. Jobs at Mayo Clinic provides current information about positions available through the Mayo Clinic system.

Student Assistance
MSHS has a student support services program to help you with referrals and services to help you enhance and maintain your academic, intellectual, cultural and social well-being. This program coordinates services with other academic institutions to help enrolled students identify and contact the academic, cultural and human resources.

You may contact MSHS at 507-284-3678 for more information.

Some MSHS programs offer a personal benefits package to eligible, full-time students. This voluntary benefits program includes:

  • A low-cost comprehensive medical care plan
  • Term life insurance and disability income insurance
  • A dental assistance plan

All MSHS students are required to have medical insurance.

Health club
For a nominal fee, students studying in Rochester may join Mayo's Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. The DAHLC is a fitness center with two campus locations that offers personal activity consultation and a variety of training programs.