Program-specific questions

For questions about a specific Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences program, contact:

Program Location Phone
Administrative Internship Florida 904-953-0552
Advanced Cardiovascular Sonography Program Minnesota 507-266-0051
Athletic Training Summer Internship Minnesota 507-266-3461
Audiology Externship Arizona 480-301-8370
Audiology Externship Florida 904-953-0234
Audiology Externship Minnesota 507-538-0090
Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Minnesota 507-255-0394
Cardiovascular Technology Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Clinical Rotation Arizona 480-301-8370
Central Service Technician Clinical Rotation Arizona 480-301-8370
Child Life Specialist Internship Minnesota 507-255-6944
Clinical Hemodialysis Technician Program Minnesota
Clinical Neurophysiology Technology Program Minnesota 507-284-1255
Clinical Pastoral Education Residency Minnesota 507-266-7275
Clinical Research Program paused
Clinical Research Internship Study Program Florida 904-953-0234
Computed Tomography Program Minnesota 507-284-3245
Cytotechnology Program Minnesota 507-538-3345
Diabetes Intensive Training Course Minnesota 507-255-6869
Dietetic Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Dietetic Internship Florida 904-956-0038
Dietetic Internship Minnesota 507-255-5617
Echocardiography Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Echocardiography Program Arizona 507-266-3799
Echocardiography Program Minnesota 507-266-3799
Electroneurodiagnostic Program Arizona 480-301-8370
Emergency Medicine Paramedic Program Minnesota 507-255-9898
Genetic Counseling Internship Arizona 480-301-4585
Genetic Counseling Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Genetic Counseling Laboratory Internship Minnesota 507-538-2660
Health Information Management Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Health Information Management Internship Florida 904-953-0234
High School Health Care Boot Camp Florida
Histology Technician Program Arizona 507-266-4911
Histology Technician Program Florida 904-953-0234
Histology Technician Program Minnesota 507-266-4911
Laboratory Animal Medicine Residency Minnesota 507-284-0544
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program Minnesota 507-284-3245
Massage Therapy: Hospital-Based Course Minnesota 480-342-2820
Massage Therapy: Clinical Experience Minnesota 507-293-3226
Medical Laboratory Science Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Medical Laboratory Science Program Florida 904-953-2863
Medical Laboratory Science Program Minnesota 507-266-9800
Medical Laboratory Technician Florida 904-953-0234
Medical Physics Residency Arizona 480-342-0606
Molecular Genetics Internship Minnesota 507-284-1229
Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Minnesota 507-284-0208
Nurse Anesthesia: Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program Minnesota 507-284-8331
Nurse Anesthesia: Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Postgraduate Degree Program Minnesota 507-284-8331
Nurse Anesthesia: Master of Nurse Anesthesia Program Minnesota Program discontinued
Nurse Anesthesia: Clinical Rotation Florida 904-953-0234
Nurse-Midwifery Clinical Rotations Program Minnesota 507-538-2137
Nurse Practitioner Cardiology Fellowship Arizona 480-301-8370
Nurse Practitioner Diabetes Intensive Training Course Minnesota 507-255-6869
Nurse Practitioner Clinical Residency Program Minnesota 507-538-0446
Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotation Arizona
Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotation Florida 904-953-0234
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Critical Care Fellowship Minnesota
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Emergency Medicine Fellowship Minnesota 507-255-2562
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Urology Fellowship Minnesota Minnesota
Nursing Clinical Education Florida 904-953-0324
Nursing Clinical Education Minnesota 507-255-3236
Occupational Therapy Dysphagia Residency Minnesota 507-255-7949
Occupational Therapy Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Occupational Therapy Internship Minnesota 507-255-7949
Occupational or Physical Therapy Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Pathologists' Assistant Internship Minnesota 507-538-8383
Perioperative Nursing Fellowship Arizona 480-301-8370
Pharmacy Internship Minnesota 507-284-1049
Pharmacy Residencies Florida
Pharmacy Residencies Minnesota
Pharmacy Residency Arizona
Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program Minnesota 507-284-3702
Physical Therapy Doctoral Program Minnesota 507-284-2054
Physical Therapy Geriatric Residency Arizona 480-301-8370
Physical Therapy Neurologic Residency Minnesota 507-255-4605
Physical Therapy Orthopaedic Residency Minnesota 507-266-3612
Physical Therapy Sports Residency Minnesota 507-266-9100
Physical Therapy Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Physical Therapy Internship Minnesota 507-255-7949
Physical or Occupational Therapy Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Physician Assistant Diabetes Intensive Training Course Minnesota 507-255-6869
Physician Assistant Clinical Rotation Arizona
Physician Assistant Clinical Rotation Florida 904-953-7114
Physician Assistant Clinical Rotation Minnesota 507-284-2435
Physician Assistant Fellowship, Hospital Internal Medicine Arizona 480-301-8370
Physician Assistant Fellowship, Otolaryngology Arizona 480-301-8370
Physician Assistant Program Minnesota 507-284-2435
Physician Assistant Fellowship, Abdominal Organ Transplant Arizona 480-301-8370
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Critical Care Fellowship Minnesota
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Emergency Medicine Fellowship Minnesota 507-255-2562
Positron Emission Tomography Certification Exam Preparatory Course
Positron Emission Tomography Program Minnesota 507-284-3245
Radiation Therapy Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Radiation Therapy Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Radiation Therapy Program Minnesota 507-284-4148
Radiography Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Radiography Program Florida 904-953-0234
Radiography Program Minnesota 507-284-0208
Recreational Therapy Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Recreational Therapy Internship Minnesota 507-255-7696
Respiratory Care Clinical Rotation Arizona 480-301-8370
Respiratory Care Clinical Rotation Florida 904-953-0234
Respiratory Care Program Minnesota 507-284-0174
Social Work Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Social Work Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Social Work Internship Minnesota 507-293-4084
Sonography Program Florida 507-284-0208
Sonography Program Minnesota 507-284-0208
Speech Pathology Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Speech Pathology Internship Florida 904-956-3185
Surgical First Assistant Program Minnesota 507-538-1346
Surgical Technology Arizona 480-301-8370
Surgical Technology Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Surgical Technology Minnesota 507-255-8639
Vascular Interventional Radiologic Technology Internship Florida 904-953-9532

Mail supporting materials

For those programs that request transcripts, test scores or other supporting materials be sent directly to them, please send required materials to the appropriate campus:

  • Attention: Program Name
    • Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
      Siebens Building, Fifth Floor
      200 First St. SW
      Rochester, MN 55905
  • Attention: Program Name
    • Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
      13400 E. Shea Blvd.
      Scottsdale, AZ 85259
  • Attention: Program Name
    • Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
      Vincent A. Stabile Building, Room 790N
      4500 San Pablo Road
      Jacksonville, FL 32224
Feb. 01, 2017