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    1. Recruiter
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Program-specific questions

For questions about a specific Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences program, contact:

Program Location Phone or email
Administrative Internship Florida 904-953-0552
Advanced Cardiovascular Sonography Program Minnesota 507-266-0051
Athletic Training Summer Internship Minnesota 507-266-3461
Audiology Externship Arizona 480-301-8370
Audiology Externship Florida 904-953-0234
Audiology Externship Minnesota 507-538-0090
Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Arizona
Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Minnesota 507-255-0394
Cardiovascular Technology Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Clinical Rotation Arizona 480-301-8370
Central Service Technician Clinical Rotation Arizona 480-301-8370
Child Life Specialist Internship Minnesota 507-255-6944
Clinical Hemodialysis Technician Program Minnesota
Clinical Neurophysiology Technology Program Minnesota 507-284-1255
Clinical Pastoral Education Residency Minnesota 507-266-7275
Clinical Research Program paused
Clinical Research Internship Study Program Florida 904-953-0234
Computed Tomography Program Minnesota 507-284-3245
Cytotechnology Program Minnesota 507-284-1142
Dietetic Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Dietetic Internship Florida 904-956-0038
Dietetic Internship Minnesota 507-255-5617
Echocardiography Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Echocardiography Program Arizona 507-266-3799
Echocardiography Program Minnesota 507-266-3799
Electroneurodiagnostic Program Arizona 480-301-8370
Emergency Medicine Paramedic Program Minnesota 507-255-9898
Genetic Counseling Internship Arizona 480-301-4585
Genetic Counseling Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Genetic Counseling Laboratory Internship Minnesota 507-538-2660
Health Information Management Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Health Information Management Internship Florida 904-953-0234
High School Health Care Boot Camp Florida
Histology Technician Program Arizona 507-266-4911
Histology Technician Program Florida 904-953-0234
Histology Technician Program Minnesota 507-266-4911
Laboratory Animal Medicine Residency Minnesota 507-284-0544
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program Minnesota 507-284-3245
Massage Therapy: Hospital-Based Course Minnesota
Massage Therapy: Clinical Experience Minnesota 507-293-3226
Medical Laboratory Science Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Medical Laboratory Science Program Florida 904-953-2863
Medical Laboratory Science Program Minnesota 507-266-9800
Medical Laboratory Technician Florida 904-953-0234
Medical Physics Residency Arizona 480-342-0606
Molecular Genetics Internship Minnesota 507-284-1229
Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Minnesota 507-284-0208
Nurse Anesthesia: Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program Minnesota 507-284-8331
Nurse Anesthesia: Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Postgraduate Degree Program Minnesota 507-284-8331
Nurse Anesthesia: Clinical Rotation Florida 904-953-0234
Nurse-Midwifery Clinical Rotations Program Minnesota
Nurse Practitioner Cardiology Fellowship Arizona
Nurse Practitioner Clinical Residency Program Minnesota 507-538-0446
Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotation Arizona
Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotation Florida 904-953-0234
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Abdominal Organ Transplant Fellowship Arizona 480-301-8370
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Critical Care Fellowship Florida
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Critical Care Fellowship Minnesota
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Emergency Medicine Fellowship Minnesota 507-255-2562
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Hematology Fellowship Minnesota
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Urology Fellowship Minnesota
Nursing Clinical Education Florida 904-953-0324
Nursing Clinical Education Minnesota 507-255-3236
Occupational Therapy Dysphagia Residency Minnesota 507-255-7949
Occupational Therapy Hand Residency Minnesota 507-255-7949
Occupational Therapy Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Occupational Therapy Internship Minnesota 507-255-7949
Occupational or Physical Therapy Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Pathologists' Assistant Internship Minnesota 507-538-8383
Perioperative Nursing Fellowship Arizona 480-301-8370
Pharmacy Internship Minnesota 507-284-1049
Pharmacy Residencies Florida
Pharmacy Residencies Minnesota
Pharmacy Residency Arizona
Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program Minnesota 507-284-3702
Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program Clinical Rotation Arizona
Physical Therapy Doctoral Program Minnesota 507-284-2054
Physical Therapy Geriatric Residency Arizona 480-301-8370
Physical Therapy Neurologic Residency Minnesota 507-255-4605
Physical Therapy Orthopaedic Residency Minnesota 507-266-3612
Physical Therapy Sports Residency Minnesota 507-266-9100
Physical Therapy Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Physical Therapy Internship Minnesota 507-255-7949
Physical or Occupational Therapy Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Physician Assistant Clinical Rotation Arizona
Physician Assistant Clinical Rotation Florida 904-953-7114
Physician Assistant Clinical Rotation Minnesota 507-284-2435
Physician Assistant Fellowship, Hospital Internal Medicine Arizona 480-301-8370
Physician Assistant Fellowship, Otolaryngology Arizona 480-301-8370
Physician Assistant Program Minnesota 507-284-2435
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Abdominal Organ Transplant Arizona 480-301-8370
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Critical Care Fellowship Florida
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Critical Care Fellowship Minnesota
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Emergency Medicine Fellowship Minnesota 507-255-2562
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Hematology Fellowship Minnesota
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Urology Fellowship Minnesota
Positron Emission Tomography Certification Exam Preparatory Course
Positron Emission Tomography Program Minnesota 507-284-3245
Radiation Therapy Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Radiation Therapy Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Radiation Therapy Program Minnesota 507-284-4148
Radiography Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Radiography Program Florida 904-953-0234
Radiography Program Minnesota 507-284-0208
Recreational Therapy Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Recreational Therapy Internship Minnesota 507-255-7696
Respiratory Care Clinical Rotation Arizona 480-301-8370
Respiratory Care Clinical Rotation Florida 904-953-0234
Respiratory Care Program Minnesota 507-284-0174
Social Work Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Social Work Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Social Work Internship Minnesota 507-293-4084
Sonography Program Florida 507-284-0208
Sonography Program Minnesota 507-284-0208
Speech Pathology Internship Arizona 480-301-8370
Speech Pathology Internship Florida 904-956-3185
Surgical First Assistant Program Minnesota 507-538-1346
Surgical Technology Arizona 480-301-8370
Surgical Technology Internship Florida 904-953-0234
Surgical Technology Minnesota 507-255-8639
Vascular Interventional Radiologic Technology Internship Florida 904-953-9532

Mail supporting materials

For those programs that request transcripts, test scores or other supporting materials be sent directly to them, send required materials to:

  1. Attention: Program Name
  2. Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
  1. Follow with appropriate campus address:
  1. Siebens Building, Fifth Floor
  2. 200 First St. SW
  3. Rochester, MN 55905
  1. 13400 E. Shea Blvd.
  2. Scottsdale, AZ 85259
  1. Vincent A. Stabile Building, Room 790N
  2. 4500 San Pablo Road
  3. Jacksonville, FL 32224
Oct. 07, 2017