Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees

You pay tuition to Florida State College at Jacksonville for classes held on its campus. For 2015-2016, Mayo Clinic charges a total of $8,757 for courses during the last five semesters ($139 per credit with 63 credits in the program). Tuition is paid in five installments.

Other mandatory expenses

  • $1,000 — books
  • $250 — uniforms
  • $30 — Florida Society of Radiologic Technologists membership
  • $30 — American Society of Radiologic Technologists membership
  • $68 — background check
  • $65 — developmental testing booklets
  • $85 — West Coast Educators Council seminar
  • $150 — Trajecsys Student Reporting System

Total estimated cost of attendance

  • $8,757 — tuition and fees
  • $1,678 — other program expenses
  • $10,435 — total estimated cost of attendance*

*Program tuition rates, fees and related expenses are subject to change. These estimated expenses represent a good faith effort to disclose true costs of attendance.

Living expenses

Living expenses such as transportation, housing and meals are not paid to the school. However, these expenses are considered for purposes of processing financial aid, where applicable.

Financial aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid can provide more details about financial aid. Other financial aid may be available from Florida State College at Jacksonville as well as the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Withdrawal and tuition refund

See the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine withdrawal and tuition refund policy.

April 09, 2015