Application Process


Each year, approximately 20 to 30 students are accepted on a competitive basis to complete their physician assistant clinical rotations at Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona.

How to apply

Our affiliated schools process the admissions and applications for their physician assistant programs and work with students to plan their clinical rotations.

For students desiring to participate in physician assistant clinical rotations at Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona, these are the application deadlines:

  • Applications received between Jan. 1 and Feb. 28 are for clinical rotation placement July through December of the same year.
  • Applications received between June 1 and July 30 are for clinical rotation placement January through June of the following year.

To apply:

  1. Online application. All students are required to complete the online Application for Admission. After you create an account or log in, select Application for Admission. Do not select Lite Application. Please include your CV and essay as part of the application.

    Select your No. 1 rotation choice from the drop-down menu and note on the bottom of your essay page your preferred rotation dates. If you are applying for more than one rotation, please list any additional requests, along with the dates, in the essay portion of the application.

  2. Letter of good standing and unofficial transcripts. In addition to the application, Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences requires a letter of good standing, to include your current GPA, from your school. A copy of your unofficial transcripts is also required. These should be emailed directly to the education coordinator at
  3. Application review. All applications are reviewed at the end of the application cycle, and students are notified approximately three weeks after the deadline regarding their status.
June 28, 2017