Photo of a Mayo Clinic pharmacist taking notes

Hospital/inpatient setting

Individuals selected for the Pharmacy Internship in the hospital/inpatient practice setting will rotate through two areas of Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester. These include the central pharmacy at either the Methodist Campus or Saint Marys Campus and the Emergency Department.

Interns have the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences that may include:

  • Obtaining medication histories from patients being admitted to the hospital from the Emergency Department
  • Preparing and labeling of medications
  • Delivering medications to automated dispensing machines located in patient care areas
  • Working with automated dispensing machines and bar code label machines

Clinic/outpatient setting

Individuals selected for the Pharmacy Internship in the clinic/outpatient practice setting rotate through six outpatient pharmacies located on the Rochester campus of Mayo Clinic. Interns have the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences that may include:

  • Providing patient counseling on medication
  • Working alongside a pharmacist preceptor to gain hands-on experience with reviewing prescription orders and participating in pharmacists' interventions
  • Providing drug information to health care providers
  • Assisting in the preparation and dispensing of prescription orders


Throughout the summer, you have the opportunity to work with residents or pharmacist preceptors in a variety of clinical specialties in the hospital and ambulatory care practice settings. Interns may participate in up to three separate two-day mini-rotations. Depending on intern schedules and preceptor availability, additional shadowing experiences may be possible.

Professional development series

A longitudinal series of lectures and discussions designed to enhance the professional development of pharmacy students is an additional component of the Pharmacy Internship.

Examples of previous events include:

  • "Ask the resident" and "ask the residency director" sessions
  • A curriculum vitae review session
  • Tips for preparing a formal presentation
  • How to prepare for a formal interview

Formal presentation

Each intern is expected to prepare a 25-minute presentation for their colleagues during the final week of the internship. The presentation topic is typically at the discretion of the intern. Written and oral feedback is provided to the intern by the audience. Additional instructions and guidance are provided throughout the program.

Credit granted

Minnesota Board of Pharmacy internship hours are provided.

Curriculum enhancements

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences is committed to developing and maintaining the best education programs. The curriculum and other aspects of this program are assessed constantly and changed as necessary to ensure the highest quality training.

Sept. 29, 2016