Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees

There is no tuition or fees for the Medical Physics Residency.

Other mandatory expenses

There are no other mandatory expenses.

Total estimated cost of attendance

  • $0 — tuition and fees
  • $0 — other expenses
  • $0 — total estimated cost of attendance*

*Program tuition rates, fees and related expenses are subject to change. These estimated expenses represent a good faith effort to disclose true costs of attendance.

Stipend and benefits

This program pays a stipend in line with the PGY-1 and PGY-2 pay scales for medical residents. Other benefits, including health insurance, are offered. Details are provided after the initial application screening process.

The two-year program also includes travel, lodging, admission and per diem for one national meeting in the second year, provided that the resident has completed the prerequisites of that module and obtained permission from the program director.

Living expenses

You are responsible for your own living accommodations and transportation.

Jan. 09, 2015