Director's Welcome

Photo of Susan M. Lehman, MA, MT(ASCP)SM, and Bobbi S. Pritt, M.D.

Program Director Susan M. Lehman, M.A., MT(ASCP)SM, and Medical Director Bobbi S. Pritt, M.D.

Medical laboratory scientists are medical professionals that develop, perform and troubleshoot the assays and methods for analysis of blood, tissue and body fluids in diagnostic laboratories.

According to some experts, approximately 70 percent of the objective information that physicians and other health care providers use to make medical decisions comes from the clinical laboratory. Laboratory testing is used for diagnosis, prognosis or risk determination, and monitoring of therapy.

A medical laboratory scientist must have a broad background in clinical biochemistry, microbiology, immunohematology (transfusion medicine), hematology and coagulation, and molecular diagnostics to function in today's modern diagnostic laboratory.

Concepts in laboratory management, regulation and accreditation, and statistical concepts are also of fundamental importance. Additionally, once training is complete, you may choose to specialize in a particular area of diagnostics, such as molecular diagnostics, coagulation, hematology and microbiology.

The Mayo Clinic Medical Laboratory Science Program is housed in our renowned Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. You not only learn from our distinguished medical and allied health staff instructors, but also benefit from the [our] progressive teaching strategies that incorporate online learning and make the most of your educational experience.

The program gives you access to numerous specialized, cutting-edge diagnostic laboratories for training that allow you to get a head start on finding areas of special interest (if you choose to focus on specific areas of testing after training). Our core laboratories also provide an outstanding training area if you are interested in a generalist position after graduation.

Our unique quality control course features an online component offered by a world-renowned quality control expert (James Westgard, Ph.D.) combined with in-class hands-on activities to reinforce concepts and teach day-to-day application.

Medical laboratory scientists are in great demand and are highly sought after by clinical laboratories here and across the country, and the forecast for job opportunities remains excellent. Our program prepares you for a career in one of the most rewarding and fastest growing areas in health care — medical laboratory diagnostics.


  1. Susan M. Lehman, M.A., MT(ASCP)SM
    1. Medical Laboratory Science Program Director
  2. Bobbi S. Pritt, M.D.
    1. Medical Laboratory Science Program Medical Director
Aug. 09, 2017