Application Process


A limited number of applicants are accepted on a competitive basis each year for the Genetic Counseling Laboratory Internship at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota. The number of interns accepted depends on the number of applicants and the qualifications of each.

Applicants are selected based on personal qualities and skills represented in an application essay and the quality of references. The amount of exposure to the role of the laboratory genetic counselor that is alternatively available to the applicant is also taken into account, in standing with our goal of increasing exposure for qualified students who may not have other access.

How to apply

The application process is available starting Dec. 12, 2016. Applications and all supporting documentation must be received by midnight Jan. 13, 2017.

Complete these sections in the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences online application:

  1. Program of interest

    • Program type: Genetic Counseling
    • Program name: Genetic Counseling Laboratory Internship
    • Campus: Rochester
    • Start date: For 2017, a two-week summer internship is available June 5 through 16, 2017.
  2. Personal and demographic data
  3. Education information
  4. Employment information
  5. Skip section 5 (standardized testing)
  6. Skip section 6 (professional licensing)
  7. Essay — follow online instructions for uploading into your application

    Write a one-page personal letter addressing these areas and questions:

    • Describe your interest in laboratory genetic counseling.
    • What are your goals for this laboratory internship?
    • How do you plan to use the knowledge and skills gained from this internship?
    • What type of exposure to the role of the laboratory genetic counselor does your current program provide? What type of exposure is available to you outside of your program?
    • What prior laboratory experiences have you had so far?
  8. Following your one-page essay, rank the following testing areas in order of preference (1 to 3, with 1 indicating the area of greatest preference). If you do not wish to be considered for a particular area, include a brief statement of reasoning.

    • Biochemical genetics
    • Cytogenetics
    • Molecular genetics

    Include a list of courses, clinical rotations and laboratory experiences that will be completed by the proposed start date. This can be included as an addendum to your essay document (only one document can be uploaded) or sent separately if they are in a different format.

  9. Recommendations — in the Important Links section of the application process, use the online system to provide contact information for two individuals to fill out an electronic recommendation or reference. Include your program director as one of these individuals.
Nov. 30, 2016