Clinical Neurophysiology Technology

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Field description

Professionals in the field of neurodiagnostic technology perform tests that assist physicians in the diagnosis and evaluation of diseases of the brain, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, and disorders of sleep using sophisticated electronic testing equipment. Neurodiagnostic technologists interact with patients who range in age from newborns to older people.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities for neurodiagnostic technologists are excellent. Throughout the U.S., the number of job opportunities exceeds the number of graduates.

Graduates are employed in hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, epilepsy monitoring units, sleep disorder centers, research institutions and the medical instrument industry.

After further study and experience, you may advance to specialty positions within the field, such as monitoring and analyzing data while surgical procedures such as a spinal cord fusion or carotid endarterectomy are being performed.

Earnings potential

The median annual starting salary for a full-time technologist is $48,000. Senior technologists and those monitoring surgical procedures can expect to earn upward of $70,000. Salary is dependent upon location and employer.

Professional organizations

April 11, 2017