Surgery, Transplantation (Minnesota)


4th year Mayo medical students may apply for this rotation, which is intended to give exposure to those students who may be interested in a career in transplantation surgery. The rotation is based at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus, with the student dividing his/her time equally between the liver transplant service and kidney pancreas transplant service. The student rounds with the team daily and is involved with preoperative evaluations, surgery, and postoperative care of the patients. They will have the opportunity to evaluate patients preoperatively and to participate as a junior assistant in the operating room on transplant procedures. The student will also be encouraged to participate on an organ procurement, which includes transportation to and from the donor hospital as well as participating in the operating room on the donor procedure.

Specific goals

  1. Gain knowledge about the evaluation and course of therapy for patients undergoing abdominal solid organ transplantation.
  2. Understand the perioperative care of patients undergoing liver, kidney or pancreas transplantation.
  3. Learn the basics of immunosuppressive therapy for solid organ transplantation.
  4. Learn the basics regarding infectious diseases in immunosuppressed patients.
  5. Understand basics of preoperative and postoperative management of patients with liver disease, kidney disease, and diabetes related to their transplant procedure.

Activity outline

The students attend surgery, clinical rounds, consultations with patients, and a variety of educational conferences.

Method of evaluation

The students are evaluated on the basis of their daily performance, participation in rounds, and preparation for surgical procedures which they observe or participate in.

Contact person

Dr. Michael Ishitani, Director of Educational Activities for Division of Abdominal Transplant Surgery.