Psychiatry, Hospital Subinternship (Minnesota)


Students are assigned to the General Psychiatry Service in the Generose Building at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus. The faculty for the program consists of the staff psychiatrist, the staff psychologist and the residents.

Specific goals

  1. Expand basic understanding of psychiatry as a specialty area.
  2. Improve skills in establishing patient rapport, conducting psychiatric interviews, and identifying psychodynamic issues in psychopathology.
  3. Become familiar with the proper use of psychotropic medication and practical planning for management of the psychologically disturbed patient.
  4. Develop an appreciation for the value of a good working alliance with paramedical staff members
  5. (e.g., nurses, social workers, activity therapists, psychologists).

Activity outline

Students are an integral part of the patient care team and are assigned to one of the four psychiatry services. Attendance at morning report and ward rounds with the assigned service is expected. Selected patients are assigned to students to maximize exposure to a variety of psychopathologies. Observation of daily group psychotherapy and participation in post-group discussions with the therapist is encouraged.

Students function as the primary physician and, with supervision, are responsible for individual psychotherapy, medication management and the coordination of necessary medical evaluations. Collaboration with social workers or nurses and interviews with the family and spouse is important. Weekly clinical supervision is provided by the clerkship coordinator.

Method of evaluation

Toward the end of the elective, students conduct a live patient interview while being observed and have the opportunity for feedback about their interviewing style. The staff psychiatrist and clerkship coordinator also provide a performance review at the end of the elective.