Emergency Medicine (Minnesota)


A one-month rotation in the Saint Marys Hospital Emergency Department for fourth year medical students. Clinical responsibilities include shifts in both the Pediatric Emergency Department and in all areas of the Adult Emergency Department. Non-clinical responsibilities include a ride-along with local EMS providers and a weekly case-based interactive curriculum moderated by ED faculty.

Specific goals

  1. To learn the basic tenets of adult and pediatric Emergency Medicine.
  2. To gain an appreciation of pre-hospital care through a ride-along with EMS providers.
  3. To learn and perform basic procedures of Emergency Medicine.

Activity outline

  • Attendance Requirement: 100% attendance is required during the clinical rotation and during the Breakout Sessions. If the student is deficient in attendance, he/she will make up deficiencies on a shift for shift basis in order to successfully complete the rotation. This will be done at the Clerkship Director's discretion.
  • Clinical Competence Requirement: Students will acquire clinical competency through independent but supervised patient care. The medical student will see patients independently and then develop a differential diagnosis and treatment plan in conjunction with the ED staff.
  • EMS Ride-Along Requirement: One ride-along with Gold Cross Ambulance is required of all rotating students.
  • Breakout Sessions - This is a weekly case-based interactive curriculum designed to cover eight core topics in Emergency Medicine. These topics include: Chest Pain, Altered Mental Status, Shortness of Breath, Pain Management, Trauma, Toxicology, Pediatric Fever, Pediatric Dehydration and Diarrhea. Students will meet for two hours each week to discuss cases with a faculty member. Attendance is mandatory.

Method of evaluation

Daily senior resident and ED faculty evaluations will make up the majority of the overall evaluation. Input from nursing, junior residents, and ancillary staff will be considered.