Program Description

Vascular surgery is dedicated to the care of patients with disorders of the circulatory system. The vascular patient is challenging because the disease process involves multiple body systems. Complete care of the patient with peripheral vascular disease requires a multidisciplinary team often comprised of a surgeon, radiologist and vascular internal medicine specialist.

Over the past decade, there have been numerous advances in the treatment of patients with vascular disease. Diagnostic methods have evolved from arteriography toward duplex ultrasonography, and magnetic resonance and computerized tomographic angiography.

Endovascular treatment and minimally invasive surgical techniques have increased the options available for treating patients. Such techniques include endovascular repair of abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms; minimal incision aortic reconstructions; and carotid, renal and peripheral artery angioplasty. The Vascular Surgery Fellowship at Mayo Clinic Arizona encompasses all of these areas, which makes the fellowship challenging and rewarding.

Our fellowship provides 24 months of intense and broad-based training, which allows you to acquire the skills necessary for diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the arterial, venous, and lymphatic systems. Diseases intrinsic to the heart, ascending aorta and intracranial vessels are not included in this training program.

You will participate in, and perform, a wide mix of vascular surgery procedures. The fellow will also gain comprehensive training in our non-invasive vascular laboratory and ultrasound areas. In addition, ample research opportunities are available for the academic enhancement of the fellow's experience.

There are more than 1,600 open vascular operations performed each year at Mayo Clinic. We anticipate that each fellow will scrub more than 300 cases and will perform approximately 250 to 300 major vascular reconstructions as the primary surgeon. The Division of Vascular Surgery expects fellows to operate independently in the latter portion of the training program.

Program History
The Vascular Surgery Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Arizona will accept its first fellow to complete the program in 2011. Going forward, it is anticipated that one trainee will complete the program annually.