Director's Welcome

Photo of Cherise Cortese, M.D.

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to the Surgical Pathology Fellowship. Our program is relatively new, as we have had three fellows in the past three years. We are all excited to share our great cases with a fellow each year.

We have a wonderful team of experienced surgical pathologists with various subspecialty backgrounds, over 33,000 annual surgical pathology accessions, a wide variety of frozen sections, and over 2,700 consultation cases. We provide our fellow an outstanding year of additional training in surgical pathology.

I have been at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus for nearly 10 years and have appreciated the teamwork, not only in our department, but also throughout the institution. Our collaboration with Mayo Clinic campuses in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, and Rochester, Minnesota, only serves to enhance our experience. We all strive to incorporate the principles that were started by the Mayo brothers.

In addition to the various subspecialty areas that we offer, we have opportunities for a fellow to teach residents, not only in pathology, but also in other specialties. We offer many weekly and monthly conferences in which the fellow plays an integral part. Several of our surgical pathologists are involved in research in which the fellow can participate as well.

We look forward to working with each and every fellow who joins us for a year. We especially enjoy watching them become independent and more mature pathologists as they navigate the journey through the fellowship.

  • Cherise Cortese, M.D.
  • Surgical Pathology Fellowship Director
  • Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida
Feb. 28, 2017