Department and Faculty

Mayo Clinic Arizona works closely with liver transplant specialists and other hepatologists at our other Mayo Clinic sites in Minnesota and Florida. Collaboration with our sister locations allows us to use similar protocols and maintain successful outcomes. The transplant program combines both medical and surgical expertise with leadership in clinical research, patient education and support. More than 500 liver transplants have been performed since the program began full operation in 1999; ninety-five of those transplants were from Living Donors. The first live-donor liver transplant in the state of Arizona took place at Mayo Clinic Hospital in April 2001. The outcomes of the program have exceeded national averages in all categories.

In addition to caring for patients in their clinical practices, Mayo Clinic's faculty members are committed to teaching and facilitating the growth of medical knowledge. Our faculty publish and lecture extensively and are highly regarded in their field. You will have direct access to the transplant hepatology faculty at Mayo Clinic in Arizona throughout your training.

Advisors and Mentors
You will be assigned a faculty advisor who can provide comprehensive educational advice and personal support. Your advisor also will serve as a contact point, introducing you and your family to the Mayo Clinic system.

Visiting Professors
Many prominent professors visit Mayo Clinic each year. They present their work during morning lectures and at noon conferences and participate in hospital rounds. You will be encouraged to take full advantage of these opportunities.
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