Program Description

Sleep medicine is a growing and exciting field of multidisciplinary medical practice. Mayo Clinic in Rochester offers a one-year Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program designed for physicians who are interested in developing diagnostic and clinical expertise in the field of sleep medicine.

This training program will give you opportunities to evaluate and manage a broad variety of sleep disorders in adult and pediatric patients. As a fellow, you will learn the essentials of sleep medicine and develop skills for using diagnostic tools such as polysomnography, oximetry, multiple sleep latency tests, maintenance of wakefulness tests and actigraphy. You will have the opportunity to perform a research project. On completion of the fellowship, you should have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to direct a full-service sleep disorders center and laboratory.

The training program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

This fellowship provides the training necessary to qualify to take the multidisciplinary subspecialty examination in Sleep Medicine offered by the American Boards of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Neurology and Pediatrics.

Program History
The Sleep Medicine Fellowship began in 1990, and since that time, more than 25 physicians have completed training. Four fellows train in this program annually.

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