Clinical training

The level of clinical commitment during this fellowship is carefully tailored to allow you to maintain your clinical skills while providing ample opportunity to complete coursework and clinical research.

During the Primary Care Internal Medicine Research Fellowship, you maintain a weekly ambulatory continuity clinic practice in the Division of Primary Care Internal Medicine.

As part of the research fellowship, you receive training in quality improvement with expectation of receiving Bronze-level certification through Mayo Clinic Quality Academy.

Research training

Research opportunities at Mayo Clinic are extensive. A key portion of the fellowship involves development and execution of a research project under the supervision and mentorship of one of Mayo Clinic's clinician-researchers with the aim of publication in a peer-reviewed journal. You are expected to present your research results at a national meeting.

The program director will offer assistance early in your fellowship to help define your area of research interest and identify a research mentor.

Certificate program in clinical and translational science

As part of this fellowship, you obtain a certificate in clinical and translational science. This certificate program requires a minimum of 12 credits. Core courses include biostatistics, clinical epidemiology and clinical research methods. A publishable manuscript of the research project is required for completion.

Didactic training

During the Primary Care Internal Medicine Research Fellowship, you participate in many didactic conferences sponsored by the Department of Internal Medicine, including:

  • Medical Grand Rounds
  • Clinical Decision-Making Journal Club
  • HEDER (Healthcare Delivery Research) meetings
  • Primary care internal medicine Tuesday morning conferences


Your performance will be monitored during the course of your fellowship to ensure that you gain proficiency and develop the corresponding technical skills and knowledge. You are formally evaluated by your supervising faculty mentor during your continuity clinic experience and by your research mentor to evaluate your progress. You will also meet with the program director to review these evaluations. In addition, you will regularly evaluate the faculty.

May 16, 2017