Education Resources


All Mayo Clinic residents have access to AskMayoExpert, which provides quick access to Mayo-vetted best practices, national clinical guidelines and Mayo contact information. This resource connects users to designated experts from all three Mayo campuses and is available through a mobile app as well as Mayo's intranet.

Home computer and smartphone access

Residency schedules, forms and policies are all digital and accessible through the Mayo intranet and VPN-enabled iPhones and iPads. Personal mobile devices can be set up for Microsoft Exchange email, calendar and contact information.

All residents are provided remote access from their personal desktop or laptop computer, affording access to the electronic medical record and all Mayo intranet resources, including AskMayoExpert, UpToDate and library resources.

Simulation Center

The Multidisciplinary Simulation Center at Mayo Clinic's campus in Jacksonville, Florida, is fully integrated with Mayo enterprise simulation centers on all three campuses. This integration includes full telecommunications, shared simulation curricular development, and standardized training and support. The Florida campus simulation center opened with 8,000 square feet and expanded to 19,000 square feet at a cost of $15 million for the Florida campus alone.

Our residency simulation center curriculum includes advanced physical examination training and procedure training.

Take a virtual tour of the Florida simulation center and download a fact sheet.

Photo of Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Residents in Simulation Center in Florida

Board review

To prepare for the American Board of Internal Medicine certification exam, weekly board review sessions are scheduled for all third-year residents with dedicated faculty leadership. Residents have access to Mayo Clinic board review materials and the online Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program. Mayo Clinic board review sessions are available via the Mayo intranet (webcasts and handouts).

Morning report sessions also incorporate board review concepts and practice questions.

Grand Rounds

Medical Grand Rounds at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus are scheduled weekly with fascinating high-yield presentations. Cutting-edge research and best clinical practices are shared, and presentations incorporate residents and faculty alike.

Medical Grand Rounds are shared via webcasts from all three Mayo campuses.

Library services

Residents have Mayo intranet and remote home access to Mayo Clinic Libraries, one of the most comprehensive medical library systems in the world. Mayo Clinic's medical practice, biomedical research and education activities are served by this system, encompassing three main campus locations and the Mayo Clinic Health System across three states.

Information services, in-depth library research assistance, expert literature research, electronic document delivery and online training services help library users access and effectively use traditional and digital resources. The library system features a database-driven and customizable intranet website.

Electronic curriculum and evaluation systems

Residents receive an electronic set of learning goals and objectives at the beginning of each rotation.

All evaluations by residents, faculty, program leadership and allied health, as well as procedure logs, are contained within MedHub, a medical education management system.


All Mayo Clinic facilities are linked via a satellite telecommunications system, which provides video teleconferencing and data transmission. Mayo Clinic has a unique telephone dialing and pager system which is fully integrated on all campuses. Physicians can be easily contacted for consultations or updates — strengthening teamwork among consultants, fellows, residents and allied health staff at all three practice sites.

Medical records are integrated among all Mayo Clinic campuses.

Visiting faculty presentations

Presentations from outstanding individuals from medical and scientific communities outside Mayo complement the educational programs of the institution.

Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery

Mayo Clinic's Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery brings together and expands Mayo's already extensive efforts in health care delivery research, systems engineering, and value, quality and policy analysis.

Sept. 23, 2016