Department and Faculty

Within the Division of General Internal Medicine, hundreds of palliative care consultations take place each year. Palliative medicine is intimately aligned with the primary value, mission and vision of Mayo Clinic.

The Center for Palliative Medicine at Mayo Clinic delivers team-based care for patients and families dealing with a chronic, life-limiting disease. Care is led by boarded, subspecialty palliative medicine providers and uses a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, relying on input from physicians, pharmacists, nurses, chaplains, social workers, psychologists and other allied health professionals in formulating a plan of care to relieve suffering in all areas of a patient's life. The goal of the center is to bring palliative care to the right patient at the right time in the right location.

The Center for Palliative Medicine involves resources, support and collaboration from all sites across the Mayo system. This includes Scottsdale, Arizona; Jacksonville, Florida; Rochester, Minnesota; and the community-based practices within the Mayo Clinic Health System. This unique partnership leverages the strengths of each individual site to maximize our mission.

Palliative medicine supports strategic growth in areas such as transplant, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurosciences.


Faculty members are committed to patient care, research and education in their daily practices. Our consultants work with fellows on the inpatient consulting service providing education via daily bedside teaching rounds, didactics and informal educational discussions. Based on Mayo Clinic's tenets, consultants are always readily available to provide you with advice and guidance.

Advisers and mentors

Faculty advisers are available to provide comprehensive educational advice and personal support. You meet with your adviser periodically throughout the program to review your progress and career goals, and ensure that your educational needs are being met. Also, your adviser may serve as a contact point for introducing you and your family to Rochester, Minnesota, and the Mayo Clinic system.

Extended faculty

In addition to our core faculty, we draw from the expertise of additional board-certified hospice and palliative medicine faculty who come from several different departments and divisions, including:

  • Internal medicine
  • Oncology
  • Family medicine
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Anesthesiology
  • Psychiatry and psychology

Core faculty

Core faculty members for the Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship are:

Program Director

  1. Molly A. Feely, M.D.
    1. Assistant Professor of Medicine

Associate Director

  1. Kelly L. Wu, M.D.
    1. Assistant Professor of Medicine


  1. Frank (Andy) A. Bock, D.O.
    1. Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
  2. Elise C. Carey, M.D.
    1. Assistant Professor of Medicine
    2. Assistant Professor of Palliative Medicine
  3. Cory Ingram, M.D.
    1. Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
    2. Assistant Professor of Palliative Medicine
  4. Amanda K. Lorenz, M.D.
    1. Instructor in Medicine

  5. Deirdre R. Pachman, M.D.
    1. Assistant Professor of Medicine
    2. Assistant Professor of Oncology
  6. Laura S. Rhee, D.O.
  7. Jacob J. Strand, M.D.
    1. Assistant Professor of Medicine
Jan. 17, 2018