Trainee performance will be monitored during the course of the training period to ensure that trainees gain proficiency and develop the corresponding technical skills and knowledge. Trainees are formally evaluated by the supervising faculty mentor during clinical experiences (including continuity clinic for those training tracks that have a continuity clinic) and by the scholarship mentor(s) to evaluate their progress. Trainees will also meet regularly with the program director and the individual training track director to review these evaluations. In addition, trainees will regularly evaluate the faculty to ensure that each trainee's educational needs are being met.

Career development

You will meet periodically with faculty members, administrators, and the program director and training track director to discuss your career goals. Mayo Clinic recruits many of its staff physicians from its own training programs.

Faculty development

All trainees, regardless of individual training track, will participate in faculty development, including training in medical education and quality improvement.

Cardiac life support certification

Certification in basic cardiac life support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) are required for all Mayo Clinic residents and fellows. ACLS courses are held during the last week of June, just before the start of the academic year. The ACLS course also is offered quarterly to facilitate recertification.

May 16, 2012