Program description

The Endocrinology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, is designed to deliver well-rounded clinical and research training to prepare you for the breadth and depth of clinical practice of this subspecialty.

You have access to a training experience that is broad, highly specialized and offers:

  • A professional, collegial atmosphere with one-on-one working relationships between fellows and supervising faculty
  • A long-standing tradition of and system designed for highly efficient and safe patient-centered care, creating an ideal setting for professional development
    • Fellows focus on education, not "navigating" their patients through a system
    • Fellows see any and all patients, as there are no "private attendings" at Mayo Clinic
    • A large volume and variety of endocrine disorders ranging from common to exotic
    • On-site Endocrine Testing Center for conducting specialized diagnostic or therapeutic protocols and staffed by endocrine nurse specialists
    • World-class in-house clinical laboratory services with rapid results
    • Outpatient Diabetes Unit for training patients in intensive insulin therapy
  • An established balance between education and service
    • Fellows have abundant time to devote to academic development throughout training (not just during research blocks)
    • Clinical assignments that reflect what endocrinologists do in clinical practice (more than 80 percent of clinical time is spent in outpatient subspecialty clinics)
    • Conferences five days a week
    • Generous supported travel benefit
  • The opportunity to acquire skills in clinical, basic, translational, or health care delivery and outcomes research (or a combination) during the second year and third year
    • Flexibility to pursue a Clinical Scholar Track or a Research Career Track, including National Institutes of Health training grant support
    • A Clinical Research and Trials Unit for conducting human interventional physiology studies
    • Protected time to complete Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences individual coursework without cost or advanced academic degrees in the Center for Clinical and Translational Science
    • Academic skills workshops on topics such as how to write a research manuscript, prepare a research protocol, write a grant proposal, give a presentation and be an effective teacher

Mayo Clinic's 44 staff endocrinologists serve as teachers and mentors. Their various backgrounds result in an exceptional depth and breadth of clinical expertise and research opportunities for fellows who are fully integrated into all aspects of our academically diverse Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism, & Nutrition.


The Endocrinology Fellowship is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Program history

The Endocrinology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic was established in 1969. Since that time, approximately 158 fellows have completed their training in this program. It is anticipated that four fellows will complete this program annually.

Fellowship highlights

Find out what makes the Endocrinology Fellowship unique and learn about life in Rochester, Minnesota.

June 28, 2017