Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Mayo Clinic Dermatology Residency. We offer the largest and one of the most outstanding dermatology training programs in the U.S.

Our strength lies in the breadth of clinical pathology that physicians and residents are privileged to see, Mayo's collaborative style of practice, and its deeply rooted philosophy of patient care as the core value.

Residents leave Mayo Clinic exceptionally well-trained and able to accurately evaluate, diagnose and manage even the most complex dermatologic patients. Their skills are balanced by a solid foundation in managing common dermatologic diseases. This unique program of graduated autonomy ensures that graduates are more than well-prepared for either clinical practice or continued academics.

I am a product of Mayo's Dermatology Residency. Now, as program director, I am in a position to develop as an educator and resident advocate. It is my pleasure to serve this program. I truly believe that Mayo Clinic training is the best in the country.

Practicing dermatology at Mayo is the most ideal work and learning environment I could hope to experience. The focus on patient care reminds me every day of why I chose to become a physician. Access to the opinions and expertise of colleagues allows me to learn constantly. The clinical variety in managing both simple disease and grappling with more complex disease in patients who have seen multiple dermatologists means that I am challenged every day.

Our program is rigorous, busy and clinically robust. We seek applicants who wish to challenge themselves academically, are willing to go the extra mile in learning and caring for their patients, and will make the most of the tremendous resources available to them at Mayo Clinic.

The busy learning environment at Mayo is balanced by the sensibility of living in Rochester, a small city with a big-city feel. Rochester's diverse population includes residents from around the world. It's a dynamic town with a heart of solid Midwestern friendliness.

  • Rochelle R. Torgerson, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Dermatology Residency Program Director
Nov. 30, 2015