Student Perspectives

Mayo Graduate School students share their perspectives:

  • "In my experience, many university instructors fill a teaching role as a job requirement, which often translates to a less than enthusiastic presence in the classroom. At Mayo Graduate School, instructors hold their positions by choice and you can tell they really want to be there, fostering discussion and teaching."
  • "Having attended a large state school for my undergraduate education, I really appreciate the small class size and personal attention offered by Mayo Graduate School instructors."
  • "Mayo is an amazingly diverse place to work with experts in everything from chemistry and neurosurgery to animal care and nuclear magnetic resonance. Having such incredibly skilled individuals around gives me a chance to gain insight from people completely outside my own field or to get involved in and learn about things I would not otherwise have the chance to experience."
  • "The atmosphere of Mayo Clinic made Mayo Graduate School unique in my mind. I think it helped set the tone of the program. You can do basic science research but are reminded on a daily basis that there's a human element to the whole process as well."
  • "I have been impressed by the passion and enthusiasm students in Mayo Graduate School have for their science. You don't always find young scientists as excited about their projects as you do here. This excitement leads to an atmosphere of collaboration, not competitiveness. We all want to help our peers."
  • "Mayo Graduate School attracts and recruits students with diverse backgrounds, interests, talents and ambitions. This is no accident. The school welcomes a world of backgrounds, a world of interests, a world of talents and a world of ambitions from which others can learn. In fact, we are here to learn from each other."
Dec. 11, 2013