Meet Our Students

Photo of a Mayo graduate student in a lab

Learn about our students — why they selected Mayo Graduate School and how they became a vibrant part of our three campus locations as they journey through their training in a leading biomedical research program.

Why Mayo Graduate School? Students share their perspectives

Read what students say about their experiences at Mayo Graduate School, including about working with mentors, the collaborative environment and the benefits of conducting research at a leading academic medical center. See students' perspectives.

Student statistics

Students who come to Mayo Graduate School are energized to embark on their biomedical research training and engage in a rigorous and collaborative research environment.

Important facts about our students:

  • Number of applicants. Approximately 300 to 400 national and international applicants seek graduate school admission each year.
  • Applicant interviews. Each year, 90 national Ph.D. program applicants participate in one of two winter interview weekends and select international candidates are interviewed by phone.
  • Students enrolled. Approximately 25 Ph.D. and six M.D.-Ph.D. students enroll each year.
  • Diversity. Students from underrepresented populations make up 15 to 30 percent of each entering class.
  • Average time to complete Ph.D. degree. Students complete the Ph.D. in approximately 5.25 years.
  • Careers after Mayo Graduate School. Since Mayo Graduate School began to grant independent Ph.D. degrees in 1989, 87 percent of graduates have gone on to biomedical careers in academia (66 percent) or industry (21 percent).

Student profiles

Learn about our students — their educational backgrounds, experiences at Mayo Graduate School and career plans after completing training. See student profiles.

Mayo Graduate School Student Association

The Mayo Graduate School Student Association connects students, organizes student activities, and facilitates open communication between students and school administrators and faculty. Students in each Ph.D. program track select a fellow student to represent them in the association.

Diversity in Education student blog

In this interactive online forum, students from each of our programs share their experiences — from both inside and outside the laboratory — as they journey through their biomedical research training. Feedback and engagement are encouraged! Visit the blog.

Feb. 19, 2014