The 21st Annual Mayo Clinic Audiology Conference was held Feb. 12, 2011. Continuing education units are no longer available for this conference.


Title Presenter
"Clinical Updates in Vestibular: Meniere's, Vestibular Migraine, CSD, and High-Frequency/Speed Head Movement Testing" Neil T. Shepard, Ph.D.; Brian A. Neff, M.D.; Scott D. Eggers, M.D.; and Jeffrey P. Staab, M.D., all of Mayo Clinic
"Probe Microphone Measurements: Best Practice or Optional?" David B. Hawkins, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic
"Fitting Options for Unilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss" Michael Valente, Ph.D., Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
"How Did I Get Here? The Vestibular and Balance Disorders Niche" Neil T. Shepard, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic
"Holding Humanitarian Hearing Health Care Providers to High Standards" Jackie L. Clark, Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas
"A Step Beyond: An Audiologist in Aerospace Medicine Research" Michael J. Cevette, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic
"Managing Interesting Pediatric Cases" Amy P. Olund, Au.D., and Janalene L. Niichel, Au.D., both of Mayo Clinic


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