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Plummer Library Renovation

The Plummer Library on the Mayo Clinic Rochester campus serves as the central library for the Mayo Library System and occupies the uppermost floors (11-17) in an historic 1928 building. The Plummer Building has retained its geographic centrality to Mayo Clinic patient care, research, and education operations. In 2007, a renovation of the two main floors of this library was completed. The main goal of the renovation was to increase learning and shared common spaces in this facility by transferring lesser used archival bound journal volumes to remote storage in climate-controlled warehouse space in Rochester and to the Minnesota Library Access Center located in specially constructed and climate-controlled limestone caverns beneath the West Campus of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. The transfer of bound journal volumes to remote storage (now serviced through electronic document delivery) allowed the creation of new shared learning spaces including a combined retail professional bookstore and café with large-screen televisions, new group study rooms, increased book and monograph storage, soft-seating areas, a redesigned and enlarged technical processing office area, and relocation of research librarian offices to a more visible and convenient location for users.

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