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Tuition, Stipends and Benefits

Photo of Gonda Building at Mayo Clinic

Each of the schools within the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine has specific tuition, stipend and benefits programs.

Our commitment to providing financial support

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine is committed to supporting students as they train to become the next generation of leaders in medicine and biomedical research. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Registrar has information about the financial support available for students in each of the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine schools.

By providing financial assistance to students, we are able to:

  • Increase access to health care and biomedical research careers for all students, regardless of their social or economic background
  • Enable students to choose a career based primarily on their interest, skill and aptitude rather than financial considerations imposed by indebtedness
  • Attract the very best students to the five schools of Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  • March 7, 2014
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