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Psychiatry & Psychology

Effective Clinical Management of Borderline Personality Disorder

Course Details

This one-day course teaches psychiatrists, psychologists and other clinicians the basics of what they need to know to become capable and comfortable in treating patients with borderline personality disorder.

The psychiatric management taught in the course has been compared in a randomized study with dialectical behavioral therapy and performed equally well. Its contents have been developed as a handbook.

The course emphasizes practical, here-and-now approaches to skillfully treat patients with borderline personality disorder. It makes active use of an audience-response system, cases and videos to help participants master the content provided.

The day begins with a focus on the core interpersonal hypersensitivity as a unifying feature of the disorder. Participants develop skill in diagnosing borderline personality disorder and understanding its course and outcome, beginning treatment for patients with borderline personality disorder, managing suicide risk and self-harm behavior, applying principles of psychopharmacology, and effectively collaborating in multi-provider treatments.

Basic information about the impact of borderline personality disorder on other psychiatric disorders, and vice-versa, helps participants more effectively formulate care and treatment of patients with borderline personality disorder and other disorders.