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Psychiatry & Psychology

Frontiers of Addiction Treatment

Course Details

This course will present biological models of addictive disorders and evidence-based treatments of addictions. Topics will incorporate new research on the biological basis for genomic subtypes of addiction. Emphasis will be on the translation of basic science to the clinic, strategies for pharmacotherapy, incorporating a biologic framework of addiction into addiction psychoeducation and programming, and individualized approaches to the treatment of addictions with comorbid psychiatric diagnoses.

Outcome-based research using clinical electronic databases to enhance follow up will be discussed, as well as the bioethics guiding the assessment and treatment of addiction as an illness.

This course will focus on clinical implications of biological etiological models for the treatment of addiction and co-morbid psychiatric and medical disorders. It will offer two credits in clinical ethics and three credits of diversity training in the field, which are a licensure requirement for Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors.