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Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine

Mayo Clinic's preventive medicine program strives to improve the health and quality of life for the populations we serve by providing the highest quality programmatic prevention in clinical practice, public health, occupational medicine and aerospace medicine.

The goal of preventive and occupational medicine physicians at Mayo Clinic is to reduce the medical, financial and occupational burdens of preventable disease and injury through prevention, screening and education. Specialists are trained in internal medicine or family practice and are committed to providing quality medical care to patients.

The specialty practices of preventive, occupational and aerospace medicine focus on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of disease in individuals, special occupational populations and general populations.

Preventive medicine specialists have core competencies in biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental and occupational medicine, planning and evaluation of health services, management of health care organizations, research into causes of disease and injury in population groups, and the practice of prevention in clinical medicine.

Upcoming Courses for Preventive Medicine

  1. 9th Annual Mayo Clinic Spine Center: Medical and Surgical Spine Course
    January 15 - 17, 2015 - Mayo Clinic Education Center, Phoenix, AZ
    9th Annual Mayo Clinic Spine Center: Medical and Surgical Spine Course Live Courses
  2. April 17 - 18, 2015 - Leighton Auditorium, Siebens Building, Mayo Clinic-Rochester
    Hyperbaric Medicine 2015 Live Courses

  3. Online Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training: Improving Transportation Safety through Education and Certification-COMING SOON! eLearning