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Neurology & Neurologic Surgery

Clinical Autonomic Quantitation Workshop

This course focuses primarily on the three autonomic function tests having CPT codes. The program integrates a series of lectures on the underlying physiology, patient preparation, indications for autonomic testing and factors affecting the results of these autonomic tests, and HCFA requirements. The heart of the workshop will be a demonstration of specific autonomic function tests. The tests demonstrated are the quantitative sudomotor axon reflect test (QSART); tests of cardiovagal function (heart rate response to deep breathing and to the Valsalva maneuver); and tests of the adrenergic function. Hands-on demonstrations are provided using commercially available equipment. A series of sessions on the interpretation of common and uncommon examples of tests is provided. Other lectures address a number of autonomic manifestations and disorders (such as POTS, syncope, autonomic neuropathies, multiple system atrophy, painful conditions associated with autonomic dysfunction). The remaining time is devoted to handling questions and demonstrating typical examples of abnormal findings seen in tests of autonomic function.

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