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Neurology & Neurologic Surgery

Neurology in Clinical Practice

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the latest guidelines for management of common Neurological disorders.
  • Determine best evidence for diagnosis and therapy of the most common Neurological disorders.
  • Recognize quality and safety issues for various neurological conditions to facilitate practice based learning and systems based practice.
  • Compare benefits and risks of different therapies in the treatment of seizures
  • Identify different treatment options for patients with spine diseases
  • Formulate a plan for patients with spinal cord or brain metastases
  • Distinguish and treat different types of neurologic infectious diseases
  • Construct an algorithm for evaluating patients with peripheral neuropathy and myopathy
  • Compare treatment options for Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, and restless leg syndrome
  • Recognize the difference between primary and secondary headache syndromes
  • Diagnose and manage common neurologic disorders

Attendance at this Mayo course does not indicate nor guarantee competence or proficiency in the performance of any procedures which may be discussed or taught in this course.