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Neurology & Neurologic Surgery

Mayo Clinic Headache Symposium

Neurology Dual

There is a reduced general session registration fee for registrants attending both the Headache Symposium on May 3-5, 2013 (in San Francisco, Calif.) and the Neurology in Clinical Practice course on July 11-14, 2013 (in Santa Barbara, Calif.).

To register for only one of these courses, visit that course's website.

The Neurology Dual registration fee includes tuition, meals, refreshment breaks and access to a detailed online syllabus for both live activities. There is an additional fee for the ABPN Maintenance of Certifications and paper syllabi.

Online registration and the $200 discount expire May 3, 2013.

When registering online, please be sure to "check-out" after your profile is completed or updated.

Although it is not Mayo Clinic's policy to limit the number of registrants for a course, conference room facilities may necessitate closure of enrollment. Thus, early registration is strongly recommended.

Walk-in registrations cannot be guaranteed. Mayo Clinic is not responsible for expenses incurred by individuals who are not confirmed for courses with a closed registration status. Costs incurred by the registrant such as airline and hotel fees or penalties are the responsibility of the registrant.

Confirmation is sent upon receipt of payment and completed registration form. Please print a copy of this confirmation. If you do not receive your confirmation or if you have any questions, please email or call 480-301-4580.

Dual Activity Cancellation Policy:
Tuition less a $150 administrative fee is deducted. No refunds after June 27, 2013.

No refunds are granted unless a written notice of cancellation is received. If a registration must be cancelled, the refund is calculated as described below:

Single Activity Cancellation Policy:
If one activity is cancelled, you are charged the full fee for the activity you are attending. In addition, a $75 administrative fee is deducted for the cancelled activity.

Rgistration cancellation cutoff dates are:

Headache Symposium: April 19, 2013
Neurology in Clinical Practice: June 27, 2013