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Internal Medicine & Subspecialties

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training: Improving Transportation Safety through Education and Certification

Saturday, January 18

Time Topic
7:30 a.m. Registration and Refreshments
8:00 a.m. Session 1: The Examiner’s Role in Enhancing Public Safety (includes 15-minute break)
  • Overview of FMCSA Initiatives and Programmatic Structure
  • Epidemiologic Data on Commercial Motor Vehicle Highway Safety
  • Form Completion and Documentation (including Laboratory and Office Based Diagnostic Testing)
  • Understanding Workplace Stressors in the Driving Environment
  • Hands-on Primer on How a Truck Works (Parking Lot)
10:00 a.m. Session 2: Diagnostic Approaches in Assessing Medical Fitness of the Commercial Driver
  • Strategies for Targeted History Taking and Efficient Physical Examinations
  • Overview of Non-Discretionary Disqualifying Conditions
  • Organ System Based Review of Commonly Encountered Medical Conditions
    • Vision
    • Auditory Acuity
    • Diabetes Mellitus and Endocrine Disorders
    • Hypertension
12:00 p.m. Lunch – Boxed Lunch Provided
1:00 p.m. Session 3: Navigating Clinical Issues in Driver Medical Certification
  • Organ System Based Review of Commonly Encountered Medical Conditions (Cont.)
    • Cardiovascular
    • Respiratory (Including Sleep-Related Disordered Breathing)
    • Neurological
    • Substance Abuse and Medication Use
2:30 p.m. Refreshment Break
2:45 p.m. Session 4: Making Forensic Determination
  • The Role of Prevention and Counseling in Driver Cohorts
  • Judging Recertification Intervals
  • Interactive Review of Case Examples
  • Review of Electronic Resources for Course
4:00 p.m. Session 5: National Registry Signup & Exam Preparation
  • Specific Directions on Registry Signup & Exam Preparation
  • How to Register for the FMCSA Medical Examiner Test
  • Review of Electronic Resources from Course to Use in Practice
5:00 p.m. Adjourn