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Internal Medicine & Subspecialties

Essentials of HIV Medicine - Ethiopia - Nurses

Program Schedule

This is a self-paced online course. It is made up of 10 consecutive modules prepared by experts in the field of HIV medicine. Modules are positioned within the course so that the sequence of topics is logical and builds on the knowledge already gained in prior modules.

Therefore, you are required to progress sequentially from the first module to the next. All modules are in PDF format. Please print and read these files at your leisure. Once you are done reviewing the material, log on to the course again to take an online test on the topic you have already reviewed. Subsequent modules become available when you successfully complete the test for the preceding module.


Module 1


Module 2

HIV Basics

Module 3

Transmission and Diagnosis of HIV Infection

Module 4

ART Basics

Module 5

Counseling: Overview and Basic Principles

Module 6

HIV in Women

Module 7

HIV Prevention

Module 8

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Infection

Module 9

Palliative Care

Module 10

HIV Nurse: Roles, Responsibilities, Ethics, and Professionalism