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Internal Medicine & Subspecialties

Essentials of HIV Medicine - Ethiopia - Physicians

HIV eCurriculum Series/Ethiopia

The Mayo Clinic HIV eCurriculum Series/Ethiopia is a comprehensive HIV curriculum designed to assist the HIV medical care provider on a life-long journey of learning. The curriculum delivers relevant, practical, and tailored education as a series of courses encompassing the whole spectrum of HIV Medicine.

Each course addresses a specific component of HIV medicine with individual topics presented in the form of modules.

The unique and distinguishing features of The Mayo Clinic HIV eCurriculum Series/Ethiopia include:

  • Online 24/7 access. Participants are required to perform a simple registration process for the course. During this process, a log-in ID and a password is set up. Participants access the course through a password-protected portal using their already setup log-in ID and password.
  • Off-line consumption. Participants are not expected to peruse the educational content online; the intent of the program is that the content is printed off and reviewed at the participant’s leisure.
  • The pace of learning is dictated by the learner. Participants print out the module content, review it at their own pace, and return to the online module at their own time to respond to a few questions designed to reinforce the information provided in the text.
  • The program is structured. Each module addresses a single topic. Modules are positioned within the course so that the sequence of topics is logical and builds on the knowledge already gained. Participants progress sequentially from the first module to the next and not randomly from topic to topic.
  • The progress of the learner through the program is tracked and rewarded. This is done automatically as the learner registers and accesses individual modules. At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance/completion is awarded from the Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development.
  • The faculty for the courses is recruited from a national and international pool of expert HIV clinicians, educators, and researchers.

The HIV eCurriculum Series/Ethiopia is developed in collaboration with the Centers of Disease and Control Prevention (CDC)-Ethiopia, the Federal Ministry of Health-Ethiopia, and the University of Maryland.