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  6. Friday, February 21
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Hematology & Oncology

Breast, Ovarian, and Lung Cancer: Screening, Diagnosis, and Personalized Management in 2014

Friday, February 21

Time Topic
8:00 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 Introduction and Pre-Test
Moderator: Sean S. Park, M.D., PhD & Edith A. Perez, M.D.
8:45 New Data of Relevant Inherited Mutations Related to Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Maegan Roberts, MS, CGC
  Breast Cancer
Co-moderator: Jennifer Crozier, M.D.
9:15 & 9:45 Breast Imaging: The Patient Experience
Andrew W. Bowman, M.D., PhD
9:15 & 9:45 Seed Localization for Nonpalpable Breast Cancer
Hillary W. Garner, M.D.
10:15 Break
10:30 The Pathology of Breast Cancer: What is Standard of Care?
Aziza Nassar, M.D.
Microscope Procedural Lab (15 minute video feed)
11:15 & 11:45 Tissue-Based Companion Diagnostics in Personalized Medicine for Oncology
Monica M. Reinholz, Ph.D.
11:15 & 11:45 Gene Expression in Breast Cancer: Arrays, PCR and Next Generation Gene Sequencing; What Assays Have Been Created and Where This is Headed
Rick Baehner, M.D. 
12:15 p.m. Break and Pick up Lunch
  Molecular Diagnostics for Breast Cancer and Radiation
Co-moderator: Pooja P. Advani, M.B.B.S.
12:30 Lunch & Learn: RNA Extraction Video
1:30 & 2:00 Breast Genomics Tumor Board: Cases 1 & 2
E. Aubrey Thompson, PhD; Alvaro Moreno-Aspitia, M.D.; Sandra Swain, M.D.; JoAnne Zujewski, M.D. and Rick Baehner, M.D.
1:30 & 2:00 Breast Genomics Tumor Board: Cases 3 & 4
Kimberly Blackwell, M.D.; Minetta Liu, M.D.; Yan Asmann, Ph.D.; Patricia Cortazar, M.D. and Monica M. Reinholz, Ph.D.
2:30 Radiation in the Setting of Neoadjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer
Robert W. Mutter, M.D.
3:00 Novel Radiation Technologies Available to Address Cardiac Toxicity
Sean S. Park, M.D., Ph.D.
3:30 p.m. Adjourn