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Hematology & Oncology

Hematologic Malignancies: New Therapies and the Evolving Role of Transplant

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Utilize patient stratification strategies to determine the most appropriate therapies for patients with hematologic malignancies
  • Integrate the blood and marrow transplantation (BMT) process into current treatment strategies when clinically indicated to improve patient outcomes
  • Describe new innovations and limitations in stem cell mobilization
  • Explain how different stem cell sources can be utilized to optimize BMT outcomes for patients
  • Differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of autologous versus allogeneic transplantation
  • Recognize patient- and treatment-related factors affecting immune reconstitution following BMT
  • Select, when appropriate, BMT as a treatment strategy for patients with germ cell tumors
  • Provide appropriate care of long-term survivors of BMT

Attendance at this Mayo course does not indicate nor guarantee competence or proficiency in the performance of any procedures which may be discussed or taught in this course.