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Mayo Clinic Global HIV Education Initiative


Mayo Clinic's Global HIV Education Initiative strives to improve the quality of care of HIV-infected people worldwide. To achieve this, we are enabling and assisting the global HIV health care workforce to better meet patient needs through improved education and training.

Specifically, the Global HIV Education Initiative:

  • Signifies that Mayo Clinic recognizes and acknowledges the impact of a global pandemic on communities both within the United States and worldwide.
  • Exemplifies Mayo's institutional commitment to harness the expertise and experience of its professionals at all Mayo Clinic sites and apply it toward the unmet need of educating and training of the global health care workforce
  • Provides a framework for Mayo Clinic staff to develop, fund and implement HIV education
  • Offers a forum for applying Mayo's innovative and visionary approach to education and medical care
  • Facilitates the use of modern technology such as telemedicine, e-learning, and distance learning to share the experience and expertise of Mayo Clinic and its partners with the global community
  • Promotes interdisciplinary and interinstitutional collaboration on HIV education